Dental Crowns

Dental crowns completely cover a compromised tooth

Dental crowns prevent further breakdown of teeth that have lost too much of their structure from cavities or fractures. They also help protect and insulate teeth, encasing the entire tooth surface.

Reasons for a Crown Include:

-To restore a tooth that is cracked or fractured

-To restore a decaying tooth that is damaged

-To replace a large filling

-A worn or misshaped tooth that effects your bite

-To restore missing teeth as an abutment for a dental implant

-To cover a tooth after a root canal treatment

-To anchor a dental bridge

Benefits of a Crown Include:

-Strengthens your tooth

-Restores your ability to bite and chew

-Prevents further structural damage to your tooth

-Aesthetically pleasing - looks completely natural

-Replaces missing teeth

A traditional dental crown goes directly over the remaining portion of a damaged tooth. If you have lost a tooth, or the tooth structure is so compromised that it must be removed, a dental crown can be attached to a dental implant to fully replace the tooth.

We offer several types of crowns, but a porcelain or ceramic crown provides the best aesthetics and is highly durable. They are the most popular because they resemble natural teeth. Each case is different. A dental exam will reveal which type of crown material will be best for you.

Dental Crown Process:

Our dental crown process is typically a multi step procedure performed in the comfort of our office. Once numb, we begin by reshaping your tooth and create a strong foundation for your crown which will enable it lie naturally against your tooth. After preparing your tooth, we'll take impressions for the lab so they can create a customized restoration almost identical to your tooth.

The crowns we use at Buehler Family Dental are handcrafted in a dental lab to maintain the integrity of your unique bite, as well as accommodate your aesthetic preferences. While the lab creates your crown, we will provide a temporary crown to wear until the fabrication process is complete. At the next visit, your new dental crown will be permanently secured and adjusted for a comfortable fit and natural look. It is important to note that proper dental care and daily oral hygiene will keep your new crown in good shape for many years.

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