Complete, Partial, and Immediate Dentures

Teeth can be lost to gum disease, decay or injury. Fortunately, dentures can replace what has been lost, improve your ability to eat, restore your face's natural volume, enhance the appearance of your smile, and can even help you speak better.

At Buehler Family Dental, we offer new dentures for patients who have lost all of their teeth. New dentures are custom made to fit snugly to a one’s unique jaw shape. The top and bottom appliances attach to the patient’s gums and allow them to chew, speak and smile again with confidence.

Removable partial dentures (sometimes called "partials" or "partial plates") are ideal for patients with some of their teeth still remaining. The removable partial denture fits around existing teeth and fills in the areas of missing teeth.

We may recommend complete or partial dentures to restore your smile if you are missing multiple teeth. For patients with failing teeth who wish to prepare for dentures in advance, our office offers immediate dentures. By choosing an immediate denture, patients will never be without teeth.

How are Dentures Made?

The denture process takes about one month and five appointments: the initial diagnosis is made; an impression and a wax bite are made to determine vertical dimensions and proper jaw position; a "try-in" is placed to assure proper color, shape and fit; and the patients' final denture is placed, following any minor adjustments.

First, an impression of your jaw is made using special materials. In addition, measurements are made to show how your jaws relate to one another and how much space is between them (bite relationship). The color or shade of your natural teeth will also be determined. The impression, bite and shade are given to the dental laboratory so a denture can be custom-made for your mouth.

The dental laboratory makes a mold or model of your jaw, places the teeth in a wax base, and carves the wax to the exact form wanted in the finished denture. Usually a "wax try-in" of the denture will be done at the dentists' office so any adjustments can be done before the denture is completed.

The denture is completed at the dental laboratory using the "lost wax" technique. A mold of the wax-up denture is made, the wax is removed and the remaining space is filled with pink plastic in dough form. The mold is then heated to harden the plastic. The denture is then polished and ready for wear.

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