Feel more attractive and confident.

Dental veneers are the shells of porcelain bonded to the front of your tooth. They are custom designed to be proportionate to your face and look completely natural. Veneers straighten and whiten your smile - allowing you to feel more attractive and confident.

We'll start by removing a small amount of the tooth service so that the veneer can fit. Next, we'll take an impression of the tooth and send it to our dental laboratory where your veneer will be created. While your veneers are being made, temporaries will be placed over your teeth. Once we receive your veneer, we'll then bond it to the tooth using resin cement.

Who's a Good Candidate for Veneers?

Patients who have good oral health, don''t smoke, and want to fix cosmetic perfections such chipped or cracked teeth, gaps/spaces, stained teeth, and slightly crooked teeth benefit the most from porcelain veneers. During your consultation, we'll determine if it's a good solution for you by performing a brief oral examination.

How Long do Veneers Last?

On average, porcelain dental veneers last for about ten years, but that can vary from patient to patient. Just like with natural teeth, it’s important to remember that veneers are susceptible to chipping and breaking, so you need to take care of them and get regular biannual dental cleanings.

Porcelain or composite veneer is an excellent way to redesign and reshape your teeth. One of the biggest reasons why patients love dental veneers is that they can fix a variety of issues with just one procedure. The last thing you want to do when you smile is feel embarrassed. Help is only a phone call away! Contact our office to learn more today.

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