CEREC™ Dental Crowns

Thanks to the latest dental technology, Buehler Family Dental can now offer patients the convenience of same-day crowns, known as CEREC™ crowns. CEREC™ crowns are made from the finest dental materials. They contain no metal and provide the same level of hardness as your normal teeth.

How Does CEREC™ Work?

The overall appointment takes approximately two hours. Unlike traditional crowns, no bite mold will be necessary. We'll begin by digitally scanning your tooth and uploading that image into the CEREC™ 3D software, which produces the crown within 15 minutes using a CEREC™ milling machine. The crown will be fitted and glazed in an on-site porcelain furnace. Once the crown is ready, your tooth will be bonded to the new crown. After the tooth placement is checked, the final polish is applied and your tooth is ready for normal use. Once completed, you can go on your way, and since there is no temporary crown, you don’t need to return for a second appointment for a permanent crown!

What are the Benefits of CEREC® crowns?
  • Time Saving: CEREC™ dental crowns are made in one visit. There is no need for a second trip to complete them.
  • Comfort: Temporary crowns are uneccesary when using one-visit CEREC™ crowns. They help to reduce sensitivity and pain in addition to the bacterial leakage that can often occur when wearing a temporary crown for a few weeks.
  • Appearance: CEREC™ crowns are made from strong, natural-looking porcelain, with no metal used in their composition.
  • Cost Savings: They can save money, eliminating the costs of a second visit and lab fees.
  • Durability: With proper dental hygiene, CEREC™ dental crowns can last up to 40 years.

After a CEREC™ procedure, patients are free to brush, floss and eat like they normally would.

If you are looking for a fast and durable solution for missing teeth, a CEREC™ dental crown may be the right solution for you!

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